Today I dream..

The rock inside burns with a passion
I’m filled with desire from the cup of love.
Today I dream of a place faraway
Now I’m there and still I look for more.


6 thoughts on “Today I dream..

  1.  The Adventures of  "Todo"
      "Todo" the Bear Cub wakes up one morning from his long hibernation to the realisation that
    he must go in search of his younger brother "Sodo".
      He sets about constructing a space machine to travel the nearby universe. With a bit of help
    from his friendly bear community, Todo starts the long constuction with light weight metals
    and spaghetti.

  2. Todo begins to travel the nearby Universe
       As the space machine blasts off, the craft starts to speed into the sky and as Todo flys
     through the first cloud he applies the tomato after burners which propel past the moon.
    The speed is incredible and he is soon on his way to the little unknown planet of
    "Sausine- part of the Sausage belt of planets".

  3.   As Todo grew up in "Space" he wondered if someone would pierce his heart.
    He longed for his brother,but as time went on his heart was also in search of
    someone else. He knew from the very beginning there was an equal opposite!
    His kind nature was in search of a soul-mate. He was young so he didn\’t realise this
    fact that was to be his fate.
      Todo carried on his search through the nearby universe with a new incentive.

  4. chapter 4 Todo found Sodo his brother he was living on a self-subsistence patch just outside of Acrington, which the last place he thought he find him. He showed Todo where to park his space machine.Then they caught up on all the news from around the Universe.Most of the talk was of all the hairy fish on Sausine. They talked into the night and as the crimson dawn of the old Earth rose they decided to develop the patch together and grow heart-shaped bananas.  This lasted a number of years until it was time to explore again.

  5. Chapter 5Off they shot into the Deep Blue Yonder, far beyond Sausine, into Orion Purple belt. This was living, new sights and strange new creatures. One they came across was a cross between a panther and an orange pumpkin; who knowns what it was called so they called it a "Porange". It seemed to be able to glow in different colours, from orange to blue and back to gold. Was it trying to communicate through colours. Orange for hello and gold for goodbye. It fascinated Todo & Sodo so much that they kept track on it for at least a week. Until it time to go their different ways and off swam the Porange in a blaze of gold.

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