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Old Cottages
39 Manley Gdns
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Sustain, Settle & Savour (North Norfolk + beyond)

  The Community Wardrobe from its’ gift from Sheringham Little Theatre emerged as a community enterprise. It has evokedd passion and enthusiasum in Sheringham’s wider population. People are giving all the time and I hope this continues for eternity.
 The Management Committee has been stream-lined to amke it more robust. The Chairman’s culture (Alex Chapman) has focussed the Committee and produced astrict procedure of monthly meetings. There is no question with regards to the decision-making; the Chairman and the Wardrobe Manager ( Mr.Steve Gare) combine on all important matters.
 The renewal and replacement is in full swing, which will gradualy upgrade the Wardrobe. Bespoke items are made to customers requirements and some gaps in the stock are being filled.
Space and a future location.
 This must be affordable and at the same time powered by renewable/sustainable energy, maybe the wind- farm when its up and running? A building with space for work tops and sewing machinery will add value to the whole project. Premises must be purchased for the future legacy of the community.
 All possibilities must be explored; i.e. consortiums perhaps with the Little Theatre to strengthen the relationships made at the re-launch press show or maybe with "Creativity" as they are looking to expand into new markets. This could be the start of a Creative Industries Centre. (A model can be seen at Barton upon Humber called the Ropewalk)
To follow soon Staffing, Recycling of materials & Value Analysis.
   Be sure to logon again for the next publication. Thank you for your support, Mark Branton Occ.