Sit Down with a One year Old & Imagine

Design thinking can free your business.

Sit down with a two-year-old and watch them create (this notion was put in my head by C.C. Chapman at a recent Third Tuesday event where he was discussing the book, Content Rules, which he co-authored with Ann Handley from MarketingProfs). Kids naturally create content (out of anything) and they live and breathe within this design thinking mentality. Design thinking is a part of who we are and (much like creativity) it is slowly stripped away from us as we socialize within the constraints and constructs of the educational system and what those who have walked before us consider to be the social norm (i.e. prim and proper).


Desire comes, stays a while & moves off into your dream-state

– Up bench press ; to develop chest & biceps
– reduce cardio-work whilst viral conditions persist
– lighten all heart-rate exercises, due to lifestyle pressures & remain as happy as possible.